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What will you say when they ask, “Why were you not prepared?”,  “Why did you not have a plan?”, "What intelligence was gathered & considered", "Did you run proper background checks?", "Who conducted the interview?",  or “Why did you make that decision without considering …?”. 

In today’s environment, leaders are understandably scrutinized as perhaps never before.  With regulators, shareholders, employees, and the public at large analyzing the leadership of an entity, your ability to exceed the norm in preparing for, understanding, and managing risk is of vital importance.  Astute organizations are beginning to understand the need to vastly improve their risk awareness by seeking assistance and advice from experts specializing in managing obscure risks that are often overlooked.

Magnus Confidential utilizes the wisdom from years of experience to delve beneath the surface and beyond the obvious, applying intuition, critical analysis and a perceptive understanding of the risks unique to your operations and personnel.  We do not try to make your circumstances fit predetermined, software driven scenarios to provide measurements and generic analyses hoping to make you feel secure. 

We take an intense, personal interest in protecting you and your business.

We uncover the risks that can interrupt your operations, cause significant harm, and expose you to devastating liability.  We probe exhaustively and most importantly we listen.  You don’t sink the enemy sub by talking loudly about how many new tactics you can deploy.  You understand the threat, prepare, listen intently, pinpoint the problem, and destroy the risk.

Our services adhere to the highest level of integrity, excellence, efficiency, and discretion Magnus Confidential clients have come to expect.  Your business should remain your business.  All services are offered on a strict confidential basis utilizing proprietary methodologies developed from backgrounds in Executive Business Management, National & International Entrepreneurial Development, and Naval Intelligence.

We work with you to discover, understand, manage, and prevent risk.  A typical engagement will be tailored to your specific need and could include the following:

  • Analyze current operations and environment.

  • Evaluate at macro and micro levels external and internal risks.

  • Assess current preparedness and responses through scenario analysis.

  • Investigative & Forensic Interviews.

  • Develop current risk profile.

  • Build solutions to fill risk gaps.

  • Create new strategic and tactical measures.

  • Implement contingency analysis and planning.

  • Enhance executives and front-line mangers leadership and decision making skills.

  • Provide follow-up assessments to ensure mitigation of new risks.

"The traditional approach to risk management will not fully protect you and your business in today’s environment.  There are plenty of traditional risk management firms eager to sell you insurance policies.  We do not sell insurance or insurance related products.  We are specialists uniquely prepared to help you identify, understand, prevent, and manage risks." 

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President & CEO

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