Revenue Optimization


All too commonly in healthcare, as patient volume goes up operating margins and revenue go down.  Costs continuously increase while reimbursement seems to be constantly reduced making it increasingly difficult for Revenue to maintain pace with costs. 

Magnus Confidential is a leading provider of Revenue Optimization Services.  Although you may not be able to alter the external forces that challenge the bottom-line, we help you optimize revenue by focusing on your most immediate areas of concern – the areas that represent the greatest revenue opportunity for your organization.  Magnus Confidential will analyze and offer solutions through a concentrated focus of your revenue cycle.  Our particular emphasis will include:

Patient access (scheduling and registration)

Documentation of patient care

Charging and Coding accuracy

Billing and Accounts Receivable Management

We believe these points of the revenue cycle have the greatest opportunity for improvement and are our strongest areas of experience and skill.

The key advantages Magnus Confidential Solutions offer your healthcare organization include: 

  • Boosting financial accountability and improving your bottom line.
  • Optimizing compliance
  • Providing staff-focused education and metrics resulting in improved decision-making and more precise outcomes.
  • Flexibility – we adapt to your business processes and scale our services for your individual needs.
  • Support services accompany every project for up to 12 months with the conclusion of the project implementation; therefore, you realize the highest possible value.

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